Paweł Sobkowiak

CTO at Booksy

Paweł has been involved with Booksy since the very beginning. He remembers the times when the IT department was composed of a few people, not one hundred and fifty. In those heroic times, he started out as a simple senior developer, then became a tech lead and finally CTO. His vision and a passion that keeps him awake at night is to create the first Polish platform that supports not millions but hundreds of millions of users.

In his previous life, he graduated in Sociology at the University of Warsaw and ran machine learning projects.


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Scaling app development with a data-driven approach and experimentation

7 October 2021, Thursday
02:30 pm - 03:15 pm
about the talk

When multiple teams work on the same application it’s easy to step on someone’s toes with conflicting features, cannibalization and over-attention to your own silo’s goals versus the overall goals of the entire organization.

As the company and the development team grow, the alignment between teams becomes more and more important. Small teams can sometimes talk things through, but it’s impossible to do that with larger teams. A data-driven, quantitative approach with clearly defined KPIs for each team that all contribute to a single north star metric of the organization is a solution that works really well for Booksy. Everyone knows what the main goal is, what one’s team goal is and how the team goal fits into the main goal. What’s also important is that with A/B testing one can measure the impact of their work on those metrics as well as other teams’ metrics. This observability supports reasoned decision-making instead of blame-shifting and chaos.

Enough theory! In the talk, I will present Booksy’s data-driven approach, by showing how it works in practice using an example of some A/B testing done on one of the most important parts of the Booksy for Business app, which is the registration and onboarding process.

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