How much does Mobiconf cost?

Mobiconf tickets and information about the price are available here.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, of course! An invoice will be sent automatically to you after the registration process – pay attention to enter the correct data! If you want to pay for your tickets with a bank transfer, please get in touch with

How do I attend an online conference?

One of the key advantages of virtual events is that they are super easy to attend! If you’d like to join us at Mobiconf Online, all you need to do is register hereand check your mailbox 2-3 days before the official start of the event (that is October 7). We will send you a personalised login link to the online platform. Use the same email you’ve entered during the registration and enjoy the conference live!

How do I access live sessions?

To access live sessions, simply log in to the online platform using the same email address you’ve used for the registration. At Mobiconf, there will be two simultaneous stages and you will be able to join both of them. You can easily switch between them depending on which topic or speaker you prefer better. To do it, simply click on the correct icon of the stage which you want to enter.

How long are online sessions?

Speakers have 30 minutes to give their talks, and then 15 minutes for the Q&A session with the attendees.

Will there be recordings of the online speeches? How long will I have access to the materials?

You’ll be able to have lifetime access to the materials after the conference is over. To check the recordings from the previous editions go to your YouTube channel 😉

How can I become a virtual speaker?

This year Mobiconf’s call for papers is already closed 😢 However, if you have a message worth spreading, contact us at – we’ll be happy to try and squeeze it if it’s really that good! If not, we’ll definitely be back next year, and, who knows, maybe you’ll become our headliner! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and stay up to date not to miss any future calls for papers.

Where is Mobiconf held? What are the platforms for virtual conferences?

This year, we decided to use the PINE event management platform. It offers a wide range of online networking opportunities, such as live chat, 1:1 meetings, community integration, and more. The PINE has everything we need to move the conference from in-person to online, allowing us to connect people almost like during an offline event.

There’s no chance an online event will be better than Mobiconf live! What are the advantages of virtual conferences?

While we understand that nothing quite beats the spirit of attending a live event, don’t let this year’s online edition discourage you! There are tons of benefits virtual conferences hold over their real-life counterparts. For example, tickets are cheaper, stages are more accessible, speakers are easier to reach, and accessibility is generally taken to the next level. Moreover, you get to join the event from wherever you are without having to purchase plane tickets and withstand a lengthy journey. To learn more about the benefits of attending a virtual event, make sure you check out this blog post.

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