Paulina Sadowska

Senior Mobile Software Engineer at Allegro

Paulina works as a Senior Mobile Software Engineer at Allegro, the largest online shopping platform in Poland. Her team works on the in-house server-side rendering tool called MBox. This tool allows other teams to develop new features in native Android and iOS apps on the backend side. This way, even developers in the company who are unfamiliar with mobile frameworks can make changes to mobile apps and don’t have to code twice for both platforms.

She also enjoys reading and learning about mobile development and shares her knowledge on her Youtube channel and blog.


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Do you need the Jetpack Macrobenchmark library?

7 October 2021, Thursday
03:25 pm - 04:10 pm
about the talk

At the last Google I/O, a new library was introduced, created to help us measure app performance: Jetpack Macrobanchmark. 

What is it? How is it different from the “regular” benchmarks introduced a few years back? And most importantly: when is using it worth the hassle and when it’s better to simply use something else? 

At this presentation, I’ll also share my personal experience with integrating the Jetpack Benchmark library into CI – what went well and what I wish I did differently.

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