Nate Ebel

Senior Android Engineer at Premise Data, Owner at goobar

Nate enjoys building great software and helping others do the same. He is a Google Developer Expert for Kotlin, and helps developers learn through his YouTube channel, podcast, blog, etc.


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Demystify and Optimize Your Android Gradle Builds

7 October 2021, Thursday
05:25 pm - 06:10 pm
about the talk

Gradle and the Android Gradle Plugin are the backbone of most Android projects today. They are also the source of much frustration for dev teams wishing their builds were faster or easier to work with.

This talk aims to demystify your Android build by helping you understand how Gradle works, what happens when you build your project, and how to start optimizing your build for increased developer productivity.

During this talk, we’ll focus on a few key areas including

  • The difference between Gradle and Android Gradle Plugin
  • What happens when you run a Gradle task
  • How to investigate your project’s build performance
  • Performance optimizations

By the end of the talk, you should better understand what happens when you build your Android app, and be equipped to start optimizing your builds for faster builds and happier developers.

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