Mirek Stanek

Head Of Client Side Engineering at Azimo

Mirek Stanek is an experienced software engineer and engineering leader who has been building technology at Azimo – global money transfers company. As a Head of Client-Side Engineering, he is responsible for mobile and web development teams. With 15 years of professional experience in creating software, he is passionate about building technology that serves people. 

As a former Tech Lead, he shares his managing experience with fresh engineering leaders and senior software engineers on the newsletter Przywództwo w IT – przywodztwowit.pl. Casual tech and leadership writer on his personal blog

Mirek is a happy father and husband, passionate about space, human nature, and the future. Bookworm, traveler, mobile photographer.


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True reasons behind software testing

7 October 2021, Thursday
07:15 pm - 08:00 pm
about the talk

Have you ever wondered how startups’ proof of concepts with zero tests evolve into environments that do automated quality checks 24/7? No company invests countless hours of engineering work and an enormous amount of money only to maintain good engineering practices. Testing automations are more than that. They make your engineering team agile, enable a company to scale up and make your product successful. And this is not only due to crash-free metrics and product quality. 

In this talk, you will see the evolution of mobile QA at Azimo. I will walk you through our journey from the project with no unit tests to where we are now. We will cover:

  • code coverage metrics (and when to stop using them),
  • QA culture in the entire engineering team,
  • building and maintaining a custom testing stack,
  • parallel testing in the cloud,
  • our evolution to thousands of tests just to come back to a fraction of them,
  • and more. 

You will learn not only about what we built but also what was the business reasoning behind our decisions. It’s not a technical deep-dive presentation. It’s about how to make your company successful.

Implementation details are on you. 

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