Michael Milner

Chief Executive Officer at YouMap

Michael has extensive leadership and international business experience leading several successful startups in the mobile tech sector as well as serving a stint in the army as a Foreign Affairs Officer. 

His leadership experience includes working with businesses and organizations of all sizes, ranging from SMBs to multinational organizations and government agencies across several industries including digital marketing, delivery & logistics, mapping, large scale retail management and e-commerce.

When he is not working on his social mapping project, Michael is passionate about aviation, adventure travel, scuba diving, wildlife, nature conservation, photography, meeting people from all parts of the world, and getting chewed by his dog Gigi.


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Lessons learned from our digital & physical move from NY to Poland in search for developers

8 October 2021, Friday
05:25 pm - 06:10 pm
about the talk

These days, we all lead a digital life with increasing dependency on our devices and a growing challenge to balance our real and virtual presence. 

As founders of a Mapping app startup from Manhattan we led a substantially digital life – utilizing our devices to conduct business, recruit team members, order food, financing our startup through crypto trading, and even finding love by swiping our screens the right way. However, our physical move to Poland illustrated the local advancement of a digital lifestyle and the influence digital products have on our company and lives.

In this talk, I will share my first-person testimony about our product development and personal journey across the Atlantic Ocean with the ambition to challenge the mapping industry. 

This talk will highlight tools that enabled us to establish effective communication and collaboration as an international team, costly mistakes and misconceptions we overcame, and detail how we utilized digital & mobile products to balance our virtual and real life in a new country. Hopefully my talk will inspire you to seek unconventional solutions to your business challenges and avoid mistakes along the way.

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