Grzegorz Kućma

Senior Manager, Product - Mobile at Brainly

Grzegorz Kućma is a leader who loves working with people and strongly believes in teamwork as the key to success. He has almost 15 years of experience in team-building and product development. 

Grzegorz started with the products in printed media and participated in the process of transition to the internet world. Next, e-commerce took his attention for several years. Thanks to that, he commenced his adventure with mobile apps. He started with building from scratch the app for, one of the biggest fashion e-commerce in Central Europe. Experience with mobile apps brought him to Brainly where he could build another great Mobile Team and products.  

Some part of his professional life is dedicated to giving lectures at the University of Science and Technology in Kraków.

Professional Passions:  Permanent growth by gathering new experiences and sharing that experience with others. Interested in new technologies and their impact on our life


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One app, multiple teams – advantages and challenges of scaling up

8 October 2021, Friday
04:30 pm - 05:15 pm
about the talk

The journey from a team of 4 to several cross-functional teams working on one app. 

What advantages may the company get from such a setup? At the same time, what kind of challenges are waiting for all and individual team members. How to sustain the user experience within any part of the app, designed and developed by separate teams? How to not cannibalised the great idea only because the KPIs of each team do not match? And in the end, is our release train well scheduled?  

Those challenges are only a few from the long list that the company has to get to grips with. 

During the talk, I’ll do my best to respond to some of them from the perspective of being the first Product Owner of “Team of 4”.

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