Florian Harr

Staff Mobile Engineer at Betterment

Florian has been developing iOS apps for more than 10 years now when iOS was still the iPhone OS and the AppStore had only a handful of apps. He still loves mobile development as much as ever, trying to make the world better one app at a time. Originally from Germany, he now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works as a Mobile Staff Engineer at Betterment. Whenever he’s not coding, he enjoys running and hiking with his wife and dog.


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SwiftUI.View: Codable – Transforming JSON to SwiftUI for a fully backend driven UI

8 October 2021, Friday
04:30 pm - 05:15 pm
about the talk

Apple introduced Swift UI during WWDC2019 to gives us a way to codify our layout. But it doesn’t only stop here – as a first-class citizen in Swift, we can make our SwiftUI Views conform to Codable to encode and decode our views representing SwiftUI in pure JSON.

Join me in this talk to see how you can codify your layout and benefit from an ultra-flexible UI where even full UIs can be dynamically injected. We’ll be live implementing a series of Views from a backend to give you a fully immersive experience.

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