Filip Babić

Lead Android Developer for Jetpack Compose at Stream

Filip Babić is a senior Android developer from Croatia and a Google Developer Expert for Android & Kotlin. He’s currently working on building awesome things with Jetpack Compose, teaching people about Android and Kotlin, and sharing his knowledge in various types of community engagement.

Generous with his time when it comes to consulting and mentoring, trying to help everyone (whenever possible), motivated by the idea the Android ecosystem we live in is only as good as we make it. Filip is writing many articles, tutorials, and guides, both through self-publication on Medium and through the RayWenderlich team. He became an author for the book “Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials” – the first, and one of the very few, Kotlin-Coroutine-related books out there, under the RayWenderlich publication. Filip was also a project manager for the “Jetpack Compose by Tutorials” book.

A highly community-driven individual, holding over twenty different talks in Croatia and heading over to four global conferences, having applied to many more to come. Filip is passionately involved in the local IT community in Osijek, Croatia as the lead Meetup and GDG Osijek chapter organizer, trying to generate as much positive energy and content for both the new developers and veterans.

He also organizes the Android Developer Academy in Osijek, a free, voluntary initiative to promote the teaching and education of new prospective Android developers.


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How we built a Jetpack Compose Chat SDK

7 October 2021, Thursday
02:30 pm - 03:15 pm
about the talk

Jetpack Compose is a new and booming thing! You’re probably looking for samples, documentation, and open-source projects to learn the best practices and see just how good it is. Well, look no more! :]

In this talk, we’ll look at how the Stream team built the Jetpack Compose Chat SDK, which offers a ton of customisation and reusability when building Chat apps. We’ll also take a look at our component design system and what decisions we’ve made to improve the ease of use of our SDK.

If you’re looking to see how Compose is used in production and what things you should watch out for, this is the talk for you!

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