Enrique López Mañas

Freelance Software Engineer & Mentor

Enrique López Mañas is a software engineer, mostly focused on Android and backend development with Java/Kotlin. As a contractor, he has filled his hours with an eclectic variety of technologies: TensorFlow, iOS, Swift, NodeJS, RoR, and Python.

Before “Living by the Code“, he published the books: “Android High Performance“, “100 Android Questions and Answers“, and “100 iOS Questions and Answers“. He has been a member of the Google Developer Expert crew since 2014.

Besides his programming duties, he also runs a few side projects. He is the editor and maintainer of “Kotlin Weekly“, a mailing list that delivers news about the Kotlin universe every Sunday.



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KMP for Mobile Developers

7 October 2021, Thursday
04:30 pm - 05:15 pm
about the talk

Reliable multiplatform development has been the Holy Grail for Mobile Developers since its inception. Many frameworks did appear and disappear. Kotlin/Native has come strongly, but there might be some caveats about this.

Is Kotlin/Native reliable for my app? Is it production-ready? Where are the bottlenecks, in any? We will discuss all these topics and more in this session.

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