Ellen Shapiro

Mobile Engineer at Apollo GraphQL

Ellen Shapiro is a mobile developer advocate for Apollo GraphQL who has been building native apps for both iOS and Android since 2010.

She’s written tutorials for RayWenderlich.com about iOS and Android since 2013, and is now one of the authors of their Kotlin Apprentice book.

When not coding or talking incessantly about coding, Ellen spends her time traveling, biking, laser woodworking, playing sous-chef to her wife Lilia, and relentlessly instagramming their cats.


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Navigating DocC

8 October 2021, Friday
06:20 pm - 07:05 pm
about the talk

Apple introduced a new documentation framework at WWDC called DocC.

Learn more about how it works, how it helps reinforce best practices for inline documentation, and how you can use it to level up both documentation and tutorials for your framework.

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