Dariusz Tarasek

Project Manager at Miquido

Dariusz Tarasek is a Project Manager in Miquido, experienced in building software products in Poland and Australia. He has gathered an expertise in managing agile projects with international reach during his career, focused mostly on mobile applications for modern industries or StartUp innovators.

He values the most contact with teammates, building team spirit, planning, and reaching goals. In his opinion, what motivates people the best is not about bonuses or promotions but friendly relations within a team and appreciation of even small successes every day.

Darek is passionate about problem-solving and finding new ways to add value to his projects in his daily work.


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Inside the eye of Hurricane “F***up” – How to get out of PM issues.

8 October 2021, Friday
06:20 pm - 7:05 pm
about the talk

Do you know how failure feels? If you work on IT projects… most probably you do.

The path to delivering software products is a slope of obstacles, traps, and unexpected shifts. It’s a perfect environment to slip your feet and fall into something I call the Hurricane of “F***ups”.

When it comes to problems in a project everything can go against you. Your client gets mad because your team doesn’t deliver. Your Team hates you because you push them to get better results. Your Management Board is chasing you because both the client and the team are unhappy. In the end, you’re stuck alone in the rain desperate and devoured by guilt.

How to get out of this storm and invent a course of right actions? That’s what I will try to find out during my talk. I will shamelessly share the insights from different real-life incidents to give you knowledge of what works and what just isn’t a good idea to fix.

Experience cases of tragic faults in management and be a smart Project Manager that learns from others – and not only their own – slip.

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