Why is it worth volunteering at Mobiconf?

mobiconf 17 July 2019

Being a volunteer at a conference has its pros and cons. On one hand, it’s always a great opportunity to get new contacts, meet the community and take up the challenge of creating something really big. On the other hand, some conferences manage volunteers regardless of their interests or fail to make their efforts challenging and educating. 

Now, the good news here is that the Mobiconf crew is searching for volunteers, and we know how to make your work fulfilling. We’re looking for people who are interested in gaining hands-on experience in organising IT events and developing their skills. Why is it worth applying? 

Challenging tasks

At Mobiconf, volunteering is not just about passing the mic. It involves being a member of the organisers’ team, getting real responsibilities and the opportunity to turn your knowledge to practice. We believe it’s the only way to get insights, learn, gain confidence and polish your professional skills.

Meeting your tech guru/s and community fellows

As a volunteer, your a part of our crew. This means you have an opportunity to meet the icons of mobile development, design and leadership. You’ll have personal contact with Mobiconf speakers, and a chance to get some professional connections and network with people with the same interests as yours. Neat!

Polishing your English

Mobiconf communication is run in English, so it’s a good chance to check your linguistic skills in practice. You can also widen your vocabulary, learn some tech slang or simply work on the fluency of your English. 

Voluntary service certificate

Your efforts will not be forgotten. You get your certificate, and, if needed, a letter of reference. Your help will be fully documented and we’ll make sure that it doesn’t get lost in your portfolio. 

Awesome afterparty, goodies and more

Don’t forget to have fun! Enjoy the afterparty, make friends and get a bunch of useful goodies that will help you keep your memories for longer. Also, remember to enjoy your off duty time – during the break in your working shift, you may attend the conference talks, network, or simply rest on the couch, having a good coffee and a nice snack. 

Eager to join Mobiconf 2019 volunteers? Apply here!

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