7 Undeniable Benefits of Virtual Events

Anna Kvasnevska 24 June 2021

For everybody’s safety and uncertainty in international travel, this year’s Mobiconf edition is 100% online.

Meaning, you’ll be able to enjoy all the regular perks of our one-of-a-kind conference – such as networking with the industry’s cream of the crop or priceless insights on mobile development – from the comfort of your very own living room!

Before you decide that it’s not quite what you’ve signed up for – stick around. For even though you don’t get to visit the historical capital of Poland this year for obvious reasons, you can still get a whole juicy bunch of opportunities online. 

Today, we’re looking at the most exciting benefits of joining virtual events and how, with the right attitude, they can easily outshine the good-old live conferences. Buckle up, and let’s get straight to it!

Online events perks

1. Superior lineup

While after parties and labeled merch play an important role at any professional conference, the main reason why we join them year after year are the speakers. It’s always a great challenge for an organizer to connect with the right industry leaders, work around their schedules, and not end up with an eaten budget at the end. Taking an event online solves most of the issues, resulting in much more impressive lineups for the participants.

2. Higher accessibility

Speakers are more willing to participate in virtual conferences simply because it’s more convenient for them. No travel hassle, no extra time in the airplane, no jet lag – you get the gist. But the same is true for every single attendee of the event as well! Thanks to online accessibility, literally everyone with a high-speed internet connection and a mobile device at hand can learn from the best. Even if they feel like cooking dinner at the same time.

3. On-demand content & recordings

Another perk similar to accessibility is that thanks to the mechanics of digital events, there’s no pressing need to choose between two different talks scheduled at the same time on different stages. Neither do you have to stay up at 3 AM ETC just to catch up with your personal hero’s presentation. Moreover, most of the events’ organizers allow for a limited-time access to all of the conference recordings.

4. Limitless seats 

Have you ever taken an extra day to talk yourself into joining a conference just to discover that it’s sold out? With virtual events, this will never be an issue because most rooms literally have to limit. You’ll always be in the front row, feeling as if the keynote speaker was addressing you personally. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that why you’ve committed to the experience in the first place?

5. Lower costs

Not only are there more places to fill, you can only do it for a much lower price too! The previously mentioned lack of merchandize and partying budget allows organizers to charge less for the entrance. This, in turn, makes virtual events so much more accessible for young professionals in search of experienced mentors.

To make things even more interesting, we decided to spread the goodness and donate money from the Mobiconf ticket sales to a great cause. We’ll give away 20 EUR from each ticket to the “Hakersi” project by Sarigato Foundation. “Hakersi” aim to shape the better future of children and teenagers from orphanages, care institutions, and community centers by teaching new technologies and developing digital competence. You can read more about the charity here.

6. More networking opportunities

And in case you’re worried about missing some priceless networking opportunities due to the virtual nature of the event – don’t. Most of the organizers of online conferences and workshops are well aware of the importance of communication and relationship building during these experiences, which is why they introduce a variety of possibilities for doing just that. Be it Q&A sessions with the speakers, online chat rooms, or even face-to-face sessions for the higher packages.

7. Environmental consciousness

Last but not least, there’s a green initiative that seems to be overlooked, yet cannot be ignored. Hosting a live conference comes with a price, which is usually a substantial amount of waste and carbon footprint. At the same time, running an event online reduces the environmental threats to the minimum. As a socially responsible host, we find this a particularly strong advantage of virtual conferences.  

So, why do a virtual event? 

Because everyone’s a winner! What are you waiting for? Remember to grab your ticket for this year’s virtual Mobiconf edition and tell your friends about it. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to online events!

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